Sunspire Health Heartland

An addiction treatment center set in the charming countryside of central Illinois

What is a day at Sunspire Health Heartland like?

The days are busy, filled from morning to night with therapy and recovery activities, but the pace is relaxed. Out in the country, you have space to breathe. Here, you feel safe and calm for the first time in a long time.

Heartland Dining Room

You begin the day with a hearty breakfast in the dining room that looks out on the pond, setting a tranquil tone for the day before a meditative walk outside.

Outdoors at Heartland

The land sprawls in all directions, and it feels like a place where you can clear your head and re-center.

Community Meeting

A community meeting outlines the day’s agenda, and then, you begin therapy sessions and group meetings.

The gym at Heartland

After lunch and a workout at the gym, you go to a process group about family and addiction.

Late Afternoon Programming

You have the chance to creatively channel all of the emotions therapy has dredged up through music or art therapy.

Heartland Bedroom

Dinner is followed by a 12-Step meeting and a break to do laundry and assignments from your therapist before a final meditation session and then bedtime.

We learn from each other.

The staff that you'll work with at Heartland truly care about you. And the others receiving treatment are like you: good people who hit a rough patch in life and need help bouncing back.

Alumni John

“The staff is friendly and helpful, and the counselors help each patient face and resolve the issues that led to their addiction. There are also group sessions where the patients can share their stories with each other.”

- Jon, Sunspire Health Heartland Alumni

Sunspire Health Heartland
1237 East 1600 North Road
Gilman, IL 60938
United States

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