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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunspire Health Network

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Why choose a Sunspire Health Treatment facility?

You want to choose a recovery program that will help you lead a happy, healthy and sober life for years to come. For individuals struggling with addiction and substance abuse, our facilities are the best choice as we offer intimate homelike settings for the recovery process. By creating a secure and caring environment, we make it easier for you to be honest about the unique challenges that you face. Treating only a small number of individuals at a time allows us to offer one of the most generous staff-to-patient ratios for recovery programs in the country. This makes it possible for our expert clinical staff to get to know you and create a top quality personalized clinical treatment program designed to meet your needs.

Do our facilities offer the same treatment to every person in their care?

Sunspire Health believes that the best possibility for recovery comes from creating a unique treatment plan for each individual. Our program integrates evidence-based therapies, psychological therapy, holistic and spiritual approaches, including physical fitness and nutrition plans. We believe that each person in our care is more likely to lead a sober, happy and healthy life if the treatment program speaks to his or her unique needs and circumstances.

There are, however, common elements to every treatment plan, including at least two individual psychotherapy sessions per week, group therapy and patient education.

What is the benefit of undergoing detoxification, or "detox"?

Clearing your system of addictive substances is crucial to reconnecting with yourself and moving forward with your life. This process is referred to as "detox". If you have not already been able to undergo detox, the staff at any of our Sunspire Health facilities will support you through this important change. Clearing your body of addictive chemicals is a different experience for everyone, depending on the substances you have been using and how your body responds to those substances. We are here to support you through this important step.

How will my treatment begin?

As soon as you arrive, we will contact members of your family to let them know that you have arrived safely. Within a few days of your arrival, you will usually do the following:

  • Meet with your primary therapist, so he or she can get to know you, provide facility orientation, and review your preliminary schedule with you.
  • Meet with a psychiatrist, who can assess any co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders or bipolar disorder, which require treatment. In some cases, if you are already being treated, the psychiatrist will review your treatment plan to ensure that you are benefiting from the most effective and up-to-date therapies and medications available. In rare cases, the psychiatrist may conclude that you are being treated unnecessarily or incorrectly for a mental health problem. If so, he or she will discuss with you any proposed changes to your treatment.
  • Start individual therapy.
  • Start group therapy.
  • Start group education classes.
  • Work with your primary therapist to design a personalized treatment plan.
What will happen after I leave treatment?

From the minute you arrive at our facilities, we begin planning your departure, or "discharge." While we want you to remain with us for as long as you need, your primary therapist and the clinical team will be focused on ensuring that you will be able to lead a happy, healthy and sober life after you leave. That means your treatment is geared toward preparing you to stay sober long after you leave our program. There are a number of actions our team will take to ensure your smooth transition, including the following:

  • Understanding what you need to stay sober following your time of recovery. The team will learn what situations or experiences trigger your desire to use alcohol or drugs.
  • Ensuring that you develop the tools and insights needed to avoid usage, especially at moments when you are most vulnerable.
  • Working together with you and your family (with your permission), either in person or via conference call or video link. We encourage family therapy because it ensures that you return home with more support and understanding.
  • Communicating with mental health professionals or religious or spiritual leaders in your home community, to let them know what kind of support you will need upon your departure from the facility.
Will family members be part of my treatment?

If you are open to include family members in your treatment, we encourage you to do so, and we facilitate their inclusion in your program. Your struggle with substance abuse is a major challenge not only for you, but also for your family and others who love you.

Therapy sessions with family members can help all of you understand the roots of your substance abuse problems, the triggers that make you vulnerable to drugs or alcohol, and the type of support you will need going forward. These sessions will also show you the ways in which your family life must change to ensure positive results. Most importantly, family therapy helps restore communication and trust between you and your family, so that you can heal from the damaging effects of your struggle with addiction. You'll connect with family members in new ways, so they can be your allies and supporters as you move forward on the road to recovery.

You will also learn about family issues in individual and group therapy sessions, and during your daily education group. In these settings, you will focus on the roles family members play, including how your family may sometimes support you in unhealthy ways, which is often referred to as "co-dependency."