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Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

Symptoms of alcohol addiction include a pre-occupation, compulsion to drink, increased tolerance, irritability and restlessness, decreased interest in life activities, and family or legal problems. Withdrawal for those physically dependent on alcohol is much more dangerous than withdrawal from heroin or other narcotic drugs. Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are now grouped together under the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder.

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Treating those with alcohol use disorder requires a comprehensive treatment plan that includes: withdrawal management, medical care and medication management, substance use and mental health counseling, individual and family therapy, self-help groups, ongoing symptom management and optional recreation and leisure activities. Coordination of services with other providers while in treatment, and for continued services post-discharge must be integrated into each individuals' post-discharge care plans.

Our multi-disciplinary team at Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe and Sunspire Health The Rosebriar in Astoria, Oregon offers a comprehensive treatment program for those individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders. Our medical team incorporates a throughout review of the risks and benefits of proven medications for treating alcohol use disorders, such as Naltrexone and Vivitrol, as part of their comprehensive treatment plan. While Vivitrol is not a magic bullet that cures alcoholism, nor does it take the place of therapy; it has been found to help with alcohol cravings by blocking the chemical responses that make alcohol rewarding. Our treatment includes individual, family and experiential therapies, as well as participation in outside 12-Step groups. We also offer extended Intensive Outpatient Program with housing.

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