Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe

An addiction treatment center surrounded by the natural beauty and calm of Oregon's Pacific coast

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR

Set on the scenic Oregon coast, Astoria Pointe is a comprehensive addiction treatment center for men and women who are ready to begin lifetime recovery. The premier amenity of this facility is its location: nestled atop a hill overlooking the Columbia River, Astoria Pointe has stunning views and a peaceful environment for healing. This center uses a wide range of evidence-based treatment methods, including medication-assisted treatment and behavioral therapies, to create a treatment plan aimed at promoting long-term recovery and reducing the chance for relapse. Patients also enjoy hikes nearby for recreation therapy and group outings to the coastal beaches.

What is a day at Astoria Pointe like?

Astoria Pointe is immediately calming to nerves—the views of the river and the kind staff put you at ease. Being here is like a breath of fresh air, and it feels like a new chapter in life is starting.

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR

The day begins early with a meditation session and then breakfast to help you prepare for therapy.

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR

The nature here is restorative—every day you see the river and trees surrounding the center, filling you with tranquility.

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR

After breakfast we jump into therapy with process groups, anger management, mindfulness, trauma relief and sometimes outside recovery support meetings.

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR

Eat a nutritious lunch and then dig into topics like managing mood, recovery planning, family systems, classes on health and process groups.

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR, Beach

In the afternoon there is time to unwind at the gym, swim at a local pool, or do other sober living activities.

Addiction Treatment in Astoria, OR

We have dinner together and then head out to a recovery meeting, bond over art therapy or watch a movie to relax before a wrap-up meeting and bed.

We learn from each other.

Everyone accepts you here and the staff truly care about you and your recovery. We're all facing different challenges, but we're headed towards the same goal: a healthier, more fulfilling life. The support and compassion is inspiring.


Astoria Pointe taught me that I don't have to be who I was yesterday. The tools I was taught at Astoria Pointe I still use today. I met people who now I'm very close friends with. Astoria Pointe gave me the strength to look in the mirror each day, and it saved my life. 

-Matt, Astoria Pointe Alumni 2017
Astoria Pointe

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