Family Involvement at Astoria Pointe

Recovery together.

AP Family Involvement

Addiction is a family disease. At Astoria Pointe, we believe that including families and families of choice in our patients’ recovery process is integral to their lifelong success in staying sober. We offer family programming so you and your loved ones can heal together as a strong, cohesive unit that can lean on each other for support once your journey outside of treatment begins.

Astoria Pointe Family Therapy

Each of our patients has access to a family therapist. Patients meet with the family therapist once a week to discuss overarching issues that affect their full family unit. The frequency of these meetings may vary depending on the individual needs of each patient.

Family Education Program

Families of Astoria Pointe patients are welcome to join us for family education programming. During these events, our staff brings families together to learn more about addiction, share their experiences and celebrate the progress their loved one has made with us.

Family Contact and Visitation

Astoria Pointe offers several ways for loved ones to stay in touch during treatment. To learn more about how to communicate with loved ones during treatment, visit our Contacting a Patient page. Each weekend on Sundays family visitation runs from 2 pm to 5 pm for loved ones. Family interested in visiting must coordinate with the facility directly! 

Want to understand how loved ones can help during treatment? Give us a call.