Sunspire Health Desert Palms

An addiction treatment center grounded in the serenity of Southern California

Addiction Treatment In Palm Springs, CA

Sunspire Health Desert Palms offers comprehensive addiction treatment in the Coachella Valley for residents of Southern California and beyond. Surrounded by views of the desert mountains and palm trees, this facility accommodates patients who are ready to end their addiction for good. Desert Palms uses an evidence-based, personalized approach to care with a combination of one-on-one counseling, behavioral therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. We are proud to offer a specialty treatment track for members of the LGBTQ community, run by therapists who also identify as LGBTQ or who are strong allies with the community. Our safe, supportive environment can treat a wide range of co-occurring disorders as well.



Addiction Rehab Treatment Approach


On-site Detoxification

Desert Palms provides clinically managed detox on-site with 24-hour supervision from medical staff who will monitor patients as they are eased off of addictive substances. We make detox as comfortable as possible and utilize medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal as needed to prepare patients for the next step of treatment.


Inpatient Treatment

There are 36 beds at Desert Palms for the residential treatment program, during which patients live on campus and receive care with access to our treatment staff day and night. A full daily schedule keeps patients busy and focused on active recovery, preparing them for a life of sobriety and healthier, more-balanced living.


Outpatient Treatment 

With an outpatient clinic located a short distance from the residential facility, Desert Palms offers patients the option to step down from the residential treatment program and continue to receive care at the outpatient level with transitional living accommodations. The outpatient program is designed to provide ongoing support and treatment for patients as they transition to life after residential treatment.


Evidence-Based Treatment

Through a combination of one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy and complementary recovery activities, we provide a full, meaningful schedule of therapies proven to effectively reduce relapse rates and promote long-term recovery. 




What is a day at Desert Palms like?

At Desert Palms, each day feels like a fresh start even as it builds on yesterday’s progress and challenges. The days are full, and can be trying, but it all feels worthwhile. It feels like this time you’re going to recover.

DP Bedroom

You wake up early and head into the cool morning for a serenity walk to shake away sleep and mentally prepare for the day.

DP Environment

The desert landscape gives a sense of rejuvenation, like out here you can wipe your slate clean and envision a new start on the horizon.

DP Community Meeting

After breakfast, the hard work begins with a community meeting to set daily goals before going to therapy sessions and group meetings, digging into the tough topics like past traumas and learning coping skills.

DP Yoga/ Meditation

After lunch, you learn about life in recovery and the disease of addiction, followed by a guided meditation or art therapy session.

DP Pool

Then you get the chance to workout at the gym or to decompress and relax out by the pool.

DP 12 Step Meeting

Before dinner, you can make a quick call home and then go to a 12-Step meeting to share your experiences and listen to other people's recovery stories before a group wrap-up session and bedtime.

We learn from each other.

Desert Palms respects your uniqueness, and knowing that can help you learn to accept yourself just as you are. The bonds created with peers and staff are real—you know that there are people who understand what you face in the journey to recovery.

We learn from each other

"My therapist was firm and genuine in all matters that concerned me and helped me to understand that this process is not about others but all about me and my perception."
-Jessica, Desert Palms Alumni 2017

Desert Palms

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