Contacting a Patient at Heartland

We know you'll want to keep in touch with loved ones during treatment to check in and learn about their progress; it's normal to be excited about the positive changes your loved one is making.

Contacting a patient

Here are a few things you should know about contacting a patient during treatment:

Release Form

When patients arrive at Heartland, they will have to sign a release form in order for loved ones to be updated about their treatment process. If patients do not sign the release, we cannot share any treatment information with friends or family members or allow patient contact with loved ones. This helps to protect patient privacy. You may find it helpful to chat with your loved one prior to treatment so they understand the importance of signing this release.

Phone Calls

As long as patients are progressing well through treatment, they will be able to call friends and family a few times a week at the discretion of our treatment team. But keep in mind: Our treatment specialists will need to ensure that patients are focused on getting better and aren't distracted from their recovery goals. Contact may not be permitted for the first week or two of treatment, depending on how the patient is progressing. As patients advance in treatment, they will be allowed more contact with family.

Families will be able to stay in touch with their loved ones through the weekly family therapy sessions as well.

If you need to reach your loved one, feel free to contact our center at any time.


Patients will be allowed to write and send letters during their free time, so remind your loved one to bring supplies, including stamps. We will ship letters directly from our center so you will receive them in a timely fashion. You may also write letters or send mail to your loved one during treatment. Any packages sent will be opened with a staff member to ensure patient safety. Letters may be addressed to the patient at:

1237 E 1600 North Road
Gilman, IL 60938