Finding Us - Heartland

If you need to get to our Heartland facility, here are directions to get you to us by car, plane or train.

Sunspire Health Heartland 
1237 E 1600 North Road
Gilman, IL 60938

By Car

Our facility is located in eastern Illinois, not far from the Indiana border. We're about an hour and a half south of Chicago and an hour north of Champaign. If you're coming from Indiana, we're less than two and a half hours northeast of Indianapolis and three and a half hours west of Fort Wayne.

By Train

Gilman, IL has an Amtrak stop, making our facility easily accessible by train from multiple cities throughout the Midwest.

If you're coming from Chicago, there are trains that travel to Gilman nearly every day of the week, including weekends. This hour and a half trip departs from Union Station (225 S. Canal St. Chicago, IL 60606) in Chicago and arrives at the Gilman train stop (US Highway 24 West Wenona Street, Gilman, IL 60983).

By Plane

The closest airport is Chicago Midway International Airport, located only about an hour and a half north of the facility. O'Hare International Airport only a little farther, about an hour and 40 minutes north of Heartland. We will arrange your transportation to the facility once your flight has landed and will drop you off at your terminal after treatment is over. If you need help booking a flight, we'll be happy to assist with that as well.

No matter which route you choose, Heartland's staff will help you get through the doors of our facility. Someone will be happy to pick you up and drop you off at a train station, airport or wherever else needed. Just be sure to coordinate your travel plans with us before your departure!

Having trouble deciding the best travel option for your needs? Just give us a call for help.