Sunspire Health Hilton Head

An addiction treatment center housed in a former boutique hotel on the island of Hilton Head in South Carolina

Addiction Treatment in Hilton Head Island, SC

Sunspire Health Hilton Head is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility located on beautiful Hilton Head Island. A former boutique hotel surrounded by lush gardens, this facility is a soothing environment where you can focus solely on your recovery. With evidence-based treatment methods—including on-site detox, medication-assisted treatment and behavioral therapies—we’ll treat the root causes of addiction with a treatment plan that is tailored to each person’s lifestyle and unique needs. Our schedule of therapies has been proven to help reduce the chance for relapse and promote long-term recovery. 

Addiction Rehab Treatment Approach


On-site Detox

Hilton Head provides detox with round-the-clock supervision from our medical staff. The nursing team and support staff help ease patients off substances of abuse safely while monitoring vitals to prepare for the next step of treatment.


Residential Treatment

Hilton Head offers 36 beds for the residential treatment program, where patients have 24/7 access to treatment staff. Patients live on campus and have their meals prepared while attending a full schedule of treatments, therapies and recovery activities for the duration of their stay.


Partial Hospitalization Program

Hilton Head allows patients to step down a treatment level from the residential program and continue to receive care at the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) level while residing at the facility. PHP offers patients a bit more independence than at the residential level, giving them the opportunity to gradually adjust and prepare for their next step in recovery, whether it's an outpatient program or a return home.


Outpatient Treatment 

With an outpatient clinic located a short distance from the residential facility, Hilton Head offers patients the option to step down from the residential treatment program and continue to receive care at the outpatient level. The outpatient program is designed to provide ongoing support and treatment for patients as they transition to life after residential treatment.


Evidence-based Treatment

Through a combination of one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy and complementary recovery activities, we provide a full, meaningful schedule of therapies proven to effectively reduce relapse rates and promote long-term recovery.




What is a day at Sunspire Health Hilton Head like? 

From the moment you arrive at Hilton Head, you are soothed by the tranquility of the island, and the facility and staff are an extension of that calm. It feels like a place for healing, and you're always focused on one thing: your recovery.

HH Dining

The day begins early with a meditation before breakfast and then a guided walk to clear your head and help you prepare yourself for a full schedule of therapies.

Hilton Head Environment

Hilton Head is pristine, beautiful and orderly—from the gardens to the dining room to the streets around the center. It's inspiring. It motivates you to be better, too.

HH Community Meeting

Following a community meeting to set goals for the day, you head into therapy sessions, sometimes individual or sometimes group, and classes about addiction and healthy living.

HH Process Groups

You get a tasty lunch spread and break before more process groups in the afternoon about trauma, relationships and mental health.

HH Pool

The late afternoon offers a chance to go to the gym, do yoga or relax and decompress at the pool. Some days there's a group activity, like going to the beach to play volleyball.

HH Bed

After dinner there's a process group and a recovery support meeting before a break. Then there's a wrap-up meeting and some free time before bed to read, do assignments and unwind.

We learn from each other.

Hilton Head is a true recovery community. You can be open and honest because everyone here has their own set of struggles to work through. It feels like you’re part of a team with the same goal: to live a better life in recovery.

Laurie, Hilton Head alumni, 2016

The entire staff was wonderful. I felt supported every step of the way in my journey back. I now have my retirement home in Charleston, SC and am well on my way back to me!


Laurie, Hilton Head Alumni 2016
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Sunspire Health Hilton Head
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