Sunspire Health Hyde Park

A women's addiction treatment center in Tampa's charming historic neighborhood

What is a day at Sunspire Health Hyde Park like?

Hyde Park is a safe place for women in recovery. You will gain new confidence and skills to build a healthy life through therapy and a positive support network.

HP Kitchen

You start the day with breakfast followed by a mindfulness walk or meditation to focus and feel centered.

HP Environment

The neighborhood near Hyde Park is peaceful, and living in a house with other women while sharing the kitchen and meals together is comforting.

HP Community Meeting

Process groups and therapy begins early, and once a week we have psychodrama, which is a group role-playing therapy that feels cathartic.

HP Late Afternoon Programming

We have lunch and then go to more group therapy or classes about relapse prevention, nutrition, trauma, and family dynamics.

HP Yoga

In the afternoon we get a chance to relax and manage stress with yoga, a group walk along the waterfront, or through an artistic activity.

HP Bedroom

Dinner is followed by a recovery meeting either in the center or outside, and then we head to bed to unwind and rest up for the next day.

We learn from each other.

Being surrounded by other women in recovery is empowering. The staff is passionate about helping you to see what life could look like on the other side of addiction.

"When I came here I found a supporting and lovable staff who was very knowledgeable about the disease of addiction. I came here and I felt safe and I felt loved, and I found a compassion that I really hadn't seen before." 

 - Stacie, Hyde Park Alumni 2017
Hyde Park

Sunspire Health Hyde Park
215 West Verne Street
Tampa, FL 33606
United States

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