Family Involvement at Hyde Park

Recovery together.

Hyde Park Family

Hyde Park Family Involvement

At Hyde Park, we believe that including families and families of choice in our patients’ recovery process is integral to their lifelong success in staying sober. We offer family programming so you and your loved ones can heal together as a strong, cohesive unit that can lean on each other for support once your journey outside of treatment begins. Family members will be involved in their loved one's addiction treatment throughout the full course of care.

Family Education Program

Once a month, Hyde Park offers a family weekend for the loved ones of our patients. During this weekend, our staff offers education on the biology of addiction and explains the family's role in recovery.

Families participating in our family weekend are guided to be honest and vulnerable to get to the real root of issues facing them and their loved one receiving treatment.

Family Contact and Visitation

Patients are allowed to contact family and friends through phone, email or Skype. This contact will depend on the patient's progress and her primary therapist's recommendation.

Want to understand how loved ones can help during treatment? Give us a call.