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Individualized Recovery from Addiction in the Heart of Texas

Author: Sunspire Health Staff

As the rates of addiction rise across the United States and in the southern sprawl of Texas, big-hearted residents are fighting back against the epidemic with trustworthy and comfortable treatment that gives people struggling with alcohol or drugs the recovery they need for a better and brighter future.


Texas is known to keep things big—big skies, big hair, big plates of barbecue. But there’s at least one thing getting bigger and not necessarily better in Texas: the number of state residents suffering from a drug or alcohol problem. The number of binge drinking adults is on the rise in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton counties, and statewide, 11.5% of Texas youths in grades 7-12 reported binge drinking in 2016.

In 2012, about 400,000 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan statistical area had a substance use disorder within the past year. And with the rapidly rising rates of addiction nationwide, that number will likely be even higher after the next survey numbers are available. Dallas County is even considering joining other far East Texas counties in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies to collect for the massive drain on financial resources that the opioid epidemic has had on local communities.

So how are Texans fighting back against the addictions that are ravaging their communities? With local, specialized support to drive those numbers back down.

A Local Source of Hope

Rehabilitation facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex give people suffering from addiction the hope they need to recover, the choices they need to find their best recovery option and the resources necessary to stay sober for a lifetime—all in a familiar setting close to home. Overcoming addiction is possible, and it can be done with trusted care found locally. One of these facilities, Sunspire Texas, offers many different types of treatment programs that to best suit the needs of the person struggling with addiction.

Sunspire Health Texas is a thriving residential addiction treatment center tucked in the horse country about an hour outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. Spread over 46 acres, this facility is full of comfortable amenities for its patients. Patients can choose to complete a low ropes course, go fishing, or take a lakeside walk all on campus; and they may also use a state-of-the-art fitness center complemented by personal trainers and a dietician on staff.

In addition to its high-quality amenities, patients are drawn to Sunspire Texas because of its personalized approach to care. As part of the overarching Sunspire Health umbrella, this facility focuses on evidence-based treatment while giving its patients individualized care for the best chance at long-term recovery.

Patients are involved with programming that matches their struggles through addiction to help them uncover and overcome those triggers that lead them to use. The center even offers a specific program for professionals of all stripes, giving these people with extremely complex professional requirements the tools and resources they need to maximize their chances of achieving a lifetime of recovery.

Personalized Programming

Sunspire Texas offers on-site detoxification, residential treatment programming, and a Partial Hospitalization Program. Before a patient arrives for their first day of treatment, they’ll take a clinical assessment over the phone so Sunspire Texas staff is fully aware of the patient’s needs and what level of programming they’ll need for a successful course of care.

If a patient requires medical detoxification before beginning treatment, Sunspire Texas is licensed for it. Patients will be able to detox on-site at Sunspire Texas in a safe, clean environment with 24/7 oversight from professionals. The detox helps people cleanse their bodies of the effects of drugs and alcohol, and depending on the clinical assessment, patients may be given medication-assisted treatment to help ease the effects of withdrawal. Medical detox helps people begin treatment with a clean slate so they can focus on overcoming addiction physically before tackling mental hurdles to recovery.

The Sunspire Texas residential program engrosses people trying to recover in daily scheduled therapies and activities, all of which are supported by scientific evidence in effectively treating addiction. Residential programs are best suited for people with severe addictions, people who have relapsed, or people who would recover best in a comfortable, private space. These patients live on campus in gender-separate accommodations with all meals included during their treatment.

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides a lower level of care for less severe cases of addiction. PHP provides people with the same medically proven therapies and treatments that they receive during residential treatment, just with fewer hours of care and more opportunities for independence as they transition back to everyday life. A large component of PHP is involvement with support groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These 12-Step-based organizations gives people in recovery a community of peers to lean on through the ups and downs of their journey.

Support to Heal Together

When patients have family members close to the Sunspire Texas grounds, those loved ones are invited to participate in the facility’s four-day Family Education Program to educate and heal that support system. Saturday and Sunday, family members attend lectures and informational sessions about the biology of addiction so they have a better understanding of addiction as a disease and how it affects their loved one. Monday, families are reunited with their loved ones and participate in communication exercises and role-playing with loved ones until their departure Tuesday evening.

A large, active alumni community organized by staff members is also integral for keeping former patients in a good state of mind post-treatment. With about 75% of the patient population at the facility hailing from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and other corners of Texas, Sunspire Texas has a thriving alumni presence. The facility offers alumni support groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area monthly and holds an annual Gratitude Dinner for alumni to come back together and discuss their lives after addiction.

Sunspire Texas also offers an annual alumni weekend in springtime for former patients to reconnect with themselves, their families and each other. Attendees participate in outdoor meetings, sober fun activities, games and sports while bonding with friends new and old. If alumni are unable to participate in these local events or if no major events are in the pipeline, the facility staff keeps all alumni engaged through e-mail newsletters and phone calls, keeping them accountable and helping them feel supported.

“Once a patient leaves treatment, they’re not going to be left alone,” says Selena Stockley, Executive Director at Sunspire Health Texas. “The door’s always open.”

Ready to walk through the door to recovery? Contact the staff of Sunspire Health Texas for admissions information.