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Astoria Pointe
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Welcome to Astoria Pointe

Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe is a treatment facility for adult men and women affected by addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders located in the small, historic city of Astoria, Oregon. Our facility provides evidence-based interventions with experiential therapies that address the underlying causes of addiction to ensure that patients heal mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Each patient who comes to Astoria Pointe will work with clinical staff to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs throughout the progression of treatment from detox to outpatient care at our Astoria Pointe IOP with sober living options. We provide patients with a full-continuum of care designed to support a successful transition to a life free from addiction, whether they stay for 30 days or 90.

The serenity and beauty of Astoria Pointe's location on the coast of the Pacific Northwest is ideal for healing body, mind, and spirit. Our facility is set atop a hill with views of the Columbia River and Astoria Bridge, providing an ideal environment for healing and escaping the chaos of addiction. With 26 beds available and staff on-site 24 hours a day, our facility offers accommodations that give peace of mind to those seeking a life of sobriety.

Additionally, our facility's proximity to nature enables patients in our care to participate in many opportunities for adventure therapy, such as therapeutic walks along the beach or hikes to waterfalls hidden within the beautiful landscape surrounding Astoria Pointe. Reconnecting with nature in treatment helps our patients also reconnect with themselves and find inner peace as they continue their course of care at the facility.

Our program encompasses detoxification and residential treatment, as well as community-based transitional living and outpatient care. We don't just focus on our patients' immediate needs. Our goal is to help men and women understand and overcome the issues that triggered their addiction, so they can achieve real, long-term success.

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Levels of Care at Astoria Pointe

Detox is often the first step to recovery during which the substances of abuse are cleared from a patient's system under the supervision of medical professionals in a comfortable setting. Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe provides medical detoxification on-site with medical professionals supervising patients 24/7 and treating withdrawal symptoms in preparation for inpatient treatment.

Upon completion of detox, patients will begin their residential program at the Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe campus with around-the-clock guidance and supervision from our clinical staff. During intake, the patient will complete a full biopsychosocial with our staff in order to design an individualized treatment plan and will meet with their primary therapist in order to begin healing.

For more on Residential Treatment Programs,

PHP is the next progression of care for patients after successful completion of residential treatment. Patients continue to reside at Astoria Pointe, but their care may be less intensive than their initial level of therapy.

For more on Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP),

Astoria Pointe Sober Living is our IOP facility separate from residential facilities for patients who are continuing their care with transitional living. Patients are given more independence at this facility as they begin to readjust themselves to everyday life while still receiving support and care to prepare for the transition to everyday life after residential treatment while still receiving support and care based upon their individual needs. Each patient will leave Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe with a comprehensive aftercare plan and will be able to participate in The Courage Program, which is a Sunspire alumni support network.

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Therapies Offered at Astoria Pointe

12-Step Program • Acupuncture (by request) • Addiction Education • Adventure-based Therapy • Anger Management • Art Therapy • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) • Equine Assisted Therapy (offsite) • Family Therapy • Group Therapy/Process Groups • Individual Therapy • Mindfulness • Meditation • Recreation Therapy • Relapse Prevention Therapy • Seeking Safety • SMART Recovery

Family Program at Astoria Pointe

At Astoria Pointe we believe that including families throughout the treatment process is integral to our patients' success in recovery. Patients will meet with their family therapist on a weekly basis and will communicate with loved ones during these sessions as needed to heal the family unit and set the foundation for long-term recovery. For those who travel to Astoria Pointe for treatment, family sessions can be conducted via phone.

In addition to family therapy sessions, patients will be able to communicate with loved ones throughout their stay at Astoria Pointe. Any contact patients have with loved ones is at the discretion of their primary therapist who will determine if it is in the patient's best interest depending on their progress in treatment.

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Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe
263 West Exchange Street
Astoria, OR 97103
"Astoria Pointe offers quality treatment. As a therapist, I look for quality before sending any of my clients to a treatment facility. I will continue to refer." — C.C.
"Overall Astoria Pointe was an awesome program. The staff are great people. Sunspire Health's strengths included the caring counselors, location, the pricing and the therapy." — David
  • Substance Use Disorders - A substance use disorder (SUD) is a chronic brain disease that causes a person to suffer uncontrollable addiction to a substance like alcohol, heroin, opioids, prescription pills, methamphetamines, cocaine, or any other drug.
  • Process Addictions - A process addiction is a disordered behavior, such as compulsive gambling, sex addiction or eating disorders that interfere with a person’s ability to live normally and have healthy relationships with others. These may also occur with substance abuse.
  • Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders - There are many variations of co-occurring mental health disorders, some of which leave sufferers at a higher risk of substance abuse, including: anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and personality disorders.

Astoria Pointe Staff

Holbrook Leader

Jeff Holbrook - Executive Director

Jeff brings 29 years of experience in the substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment field. He began his career as an interventionist, helping many people get the treatment they needed to recover. He is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and has become a nationally known addiction treatment professional, recognized for his record developing family, outpatient and residential programs, creating business opportunities, streamlining processes, analyzing solutions, and delivering results. Jeff has certifications from various professional boards including the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon, the International Reciprocity Consortium, and the International Interventionist Credentialing Board, and he is a member of The Association of Intervention Specialists.

Clelland Leader

Shellie Clelland - Director of Admissions

Shellie Clelland started her career in the field of chemical dependency eleven years ago. During her seven year tenure with Sunspire Health facilities Astoria Pointe, The Rosebriar, and Desert Palms, Shellie and her team have led the process of guiding new patients through the admission process and entry into treatment using her extensive knowledge of insurance coverage and utilization review. Prior to her work with Sunspire Health, Shellie worked with Nationwide Referral Services, Outreach Services and Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services. She is certified in Intervention Integration Methodology and Referrals.

Scott Leader

Christine Scott - Human Resources/Finance Coordinator

Christine Scott brings nearly 10 years of financial experience to her position as Finance Coordinator at Astoria Pointe. In this role, she streamlines the payment process for our patients, making sure that all insurance paperwork is processed quickly and efficiently.