Nationwide Network of Treatment Facilities

We have treatment facilities all across the United States, and each one has unique programming and amenities for a vast range of personal, medical and therapeutic requirements.

Sunspire Health is a Nationwide Network of Treatment FacilitiesAstoria PointeDesert PalmsTexasHeartlandSpring HillHilton HeadHyde ParkRecovery Road
Quality Care No Matter Where Your Client Goes

No matter what Sunspire Health facility your client admits to, they will be guaranteed top quality care from addiction specialists in an environment that is conducive to healing. Our facilities are small and offer a high staff-to-patient ratio to guarantee that each patient will have personalized care. Each patient will have a weekly individual counseling session and a family therapy session with their dedicated therapist or counselor.

All facilities utilize evidence-based treatments and therapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Medication-Assisted Treatment and Motivational Interviewing. In addition, each facility offers an array of complementary recovery activities, such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, expressive arts, exercise and nutritional guidance, outdoor adventure therapy, recovery assignments and an introduction to recovery support meetings, among others.


Sunspire Health Facility Comparison Chart

For a quick guide to facility programming and amenities, please review our Facility Comparison Chart.

Sunspire Health Facility Comparison Chart


View and download a PDF of the Sunspire Health Facility Comparison Chart