Partnering with Sunspire

Sunspire Health will collaborate with you to develop a treatment program and continuing care plan that addresses your client's unique needs.

Partnering with Sunspire Health

You understand your client and know that they need specialized help to progress and stop their unhealthy substance use. We will partner with you to determine your desired role in your client’s treatment program. Whether you expect regular updates or simply want a notification before discharge, we can accommodate your needs and preferred means of communication. We will keep you informed as we prepare for discharge and determine a personalized aftercare plan.

Why Partner with Sunspire Health for Your Client?

You can trust that your client is in good hands at Sunspire Health. All of our Clinical and Medical Directors who oversee patient treatment programming have extensive training and experience in addiction and mental health treatment.

Each Sunspire patient has a dedicated treatment team consisting of a staff psychiatrist, a primary therapist, a family therapy counselor and a discharge planner who will monitor their recovery progress and make sure their needs are being met at each step of the way.

In addition, our nationwide network of addiction treatment facilities ensures that we can meet a wide range of treatment requirements through evidence-based therapeutic and medical interventions that are proven to effectively treat substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Contact a Clinical Outreach Director

If you want to learn more about how you can collaborate on your client's recovery program with Sunspire Health, call to speak with a Clinical Outreach Director who can address your specific goals and concerns about your client's case and treatment. 

Sunspire Health Spring Hill, MA

Amy George
Regional Director of Clinical Outreach East
(508) 259-5079

Marybeth Adams
Director of Clinical Outreach
(508) 864-5417

Sunspire Health Hilton Head, SC

Amanda Donovan
Director of Clinical Outreach
(912) 712-0667

Sunspire Health Hyde Park, FL

Lisa Richardson
Executive Director
(813) 337-0223

Sunspire Health Recovery Road, FL

Zina Rodriguez
Executive Director
(561) 409-0127

Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe, OR

Billy Anderson
Director of Clinical Outreach
(503) 896-8232

Sunspire Health Desert Palms, CA

Greg Silva
Director of Clinical Outreach
(760) 861-5475

Sunspire Health Heartland, IL

Danielle Carlelton, LMFT
Director of Clinical Outreach
(815) 707-2112

Sunspire Health Texas, TX

Shannon Frost
Director of Clinical Outreach
(214) 205-9066

Barbara Reynolds
Director of Clinical Outreach
(214) 491-3515