Sunspire Health Recovery Road

An addiction treatment center for men in sunny Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Addiction Treatment for Men in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Located in sunny Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Sunspire Health Recovery Road is a comprehensive addiction treatment center for men who are ready for long-term recovery. Our center has a family-like atmosphere and small patient population, so each patient receives close attention and care. With a combination of one-on-one counseling, behavioral therapies, and medication-assisted treatment, our treatment approach is tailored to the unique needs of every individual who walks through our doors. In addition to our clinical treatment plan, we also offer ongoing support to help our patients build healthy habits through meal-planning and access to our local gym.



Addiction Rehab Treatment Approach

Off-site Medical Detox

Recovery Road works with local detox centers that we trust to provide detoxification services to patients before they check in to Recovery Road for treatment. During medical detox, medical staff will ease patients off of substances of abuse, making it as comfortable as possible and utilizing medications as needed to treat the symptoms of withdrawal. We will arrange the detox and transportation to Recovery Road following treatment.


PHP with Community Housing

Recovery Road provides a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for up to 18 patients with supervised community housing. Patients have a full schedule of treatments, therapies and recovery activities with access to treatment staff 24/7 for the duration of their stay.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP is the last step of care at Recovery Road. Patients are given more independence at the facility as they begin to readjust themselves to everyday life while still receiving support and care based upon their individual needs. Housing is available to patients who participate in IOP. 


Evidence-based Treatment

Through a combination of one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy and complementary recovery activities, we provide a full, meaningful schedule of therapies proven to effectively reduce relapse rates and promote long-term recovery. 



What is a day at Recovery Road like?

Recovery Road feels like a fresh start, a place to build a foundation for a new, better life. We're a community here, and in therapy and classes, we have our ups and downs, supporting each other through it all. 

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After an early wake up call, we have breakfast and then have a meditation session and a goal-setting meeting to start the day.

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It's pretty warm and sunny most days here, and living alongside other men in recovery is empowering and uplifting.

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We meet as a group to outline the day and then start therapy with individual sessions or process groups focusing on topics like co-occurring disorders, coping skills, the biology of addiction and healthy relationships.

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We have lunch and then head into more groups about family dynamics, anger management and life skills, or we'll go out for recreational or adventure-based therapy.

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In the afternoon, it's more therapy groups on recovery tools or men's issues in recovery.

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We have dinner together and then we might go to a recovery support meeting in the community or at the beach before unwinding for bed.

We learn from each other.

At Recovery Road you are part of a community that is supportive and honest. If someone is down, we build him back up like we're a team. The compassion of the staff gives us the strength and confidence to work hard and get better.

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"I was looking for help with alcohol addiction and Recovery Road helped me with everything and anything I needed or asked. The best part was being a member of a community. I am leaving feeling better than ever as a better person. Recovery Road has a great therapist and support system."

-Jonathan B., Recovery Road Alumni 2017
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