Recovery Road Amenities

The main amenity at Recovery Road is its sunny location in South Florida.

Recovery Road Amenities

This facility is situated five minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach Gardens, a lush city with plenty of green space and a tropical feel. With the coast nearby, you'll be able to spend time on the beach to recharge and refocus during recovery support meetings and recreational therapy. Additionally, with all of the surrounding green space, you may participate in group therapy sessions in one of the nearby parks.

Warm, Family-like Atmosphere

Recovery Road is a small facility that only accepts a maximum of 18 patients. Our small milieu size allows staff and patients form a close-knit community, and you'll feel right at home as you form bonds with staff and patients alike. It also helps us provide each patient with the care and attention they deserve during the treatment process.

Comfortable Accommodations

Our accommodations include ranch-style homes that have been divided into apartments that you will share with other men in the program. These apartments offer all of the comforts of home, and are equipped with a full kitchen, living room with TV and two bathrooms.

Supportive Living for Building Healthy Habits

Recovery Road offers structured, supportive living with round-the-clock support for patients in our care. Men will learn about nutrition, meal-planning and budgeting for trips to the grocery store with staff to buy food for the week. Men will cook meals in their apartments and learn positive self-care habits, beginning with healthy eating and dietary planning. They will also be able to exercise at the local gym to leave Recovery Road with healthy habits established for recovery!