Only at Recovery Road

Men’s Only Care for Safe, Comfortable Healing

Only at Recovery Road

Exclusive Addiction Treatment, Just For Men

Addiction tends to affect men differently than women. Men tend to start using drugs or alcohol for different reasons than women do. Men are also more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors and become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. In some cases, ingrained ideas about masculinity can keep men from asking for help or talking about their experiences with substance use.

At Recovery Road, our program focuses on these unique challenges that men face in addiction and recovery. This single-gender approach serves as a nonjudgmental environment that encourages men to feel more comfortable to share their experiences in one-on-one and group therapies. Our men's only approach further supports Sunspire Health's overall mission to provide personalized treatment to each and every patient.

Support For Process Addiction Interaction

Sometimes process addictions, like gambling or sex addiction, will become more apparent as men stop using drugs or alcohol. Recovery Road has a gambling addiction counselor on staff and can provide support for men with other process addictions that become apparent during their treatment to help men prepare for long-term recovery.