Testimonials & Success Stories from Recovery Road

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They Made Things I Never Thought Possible a Reality

I can't express into words how amazing this experience has been but I will do my best. My experience here at recovery road has been nothing short of excellent. As someone who has been to several different treatment centers on my journey to sobriety, I can say for certain that Recovery Road has impacted my life the most.

For starters the BHT staff is phenomenal. I believe it's so important to have a BHT staff that is well qualified and trained because of the extended interaction they have with the clients. All BHT staff is reliable, trustworthy, approachable and engaging. I feel comfortable speaking with them in any capacity about anything and I know that I can rely on them to be there for me in even my most uncomfortable and trying times.

The clients here are great and I feel as though I learn quite a bit from hearing their experiences. I've made some great friends that I hope will last a lifetime and I've met many people that I at least hope to stay in touch with. I believe recovery begins with the people you associate with and if that is the case then I'm amongst good company.

The clinical staff here is second to none. I am aware that when it comes to running any business, especially a treatment center, there are a lot of moving parts. Recovery road understands this and does an amazing job delegating responsibilities and group content to the facilitators.

Understanding your employees strengths and in what area they can benefit you most is tantamount in maximizing potential of any business; most importantly, one that focuses on mental health. I enjoy and benefit from the way the group content is distributed amongst the clinicians and they all complement each other so well.

They have made every conceivable attempt to make everything here at Recovery Road manageable for me and have worked diligently to make a lot of things I never thought possible a reality. I have made a smooth transition from PHP to IOP and am now working a good job because of their support and unconditional, un-prejudicial, love and understanding. I will be forever indebted to them and feel as though I am a better man having met them.

With love and adoration, I sincerely say thank you

-Rhys, Recovery Road Alumni 2017

Duane_RR_Alumni 2017

Recovery Road was the Perfect Pathway for Me

I was battling alcoholism and tuned to AA for support. AA was encouraging and helpful, but in order to get what I needed out of it I had to find another solution. Recovery Road turned out to be the perfect pathway for me, and now I'm on a 90 in 90 days pathway where I can get the level of success I need to recover for as long as I want it.
-Duane, Recovery Road Alumni 2017


Feeling Better Than Ever

I was looking for help with alcohol addiction and Recovery Road helped me with everything and anything I needed or asked. The best part was being a member of a community. I am leaving feeling better than ever as a better person. Recovery Road has great therapist and support system. I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with addiction.
-Jonathan B., Recovery Road Alumni 2017