Referring Your Client

Here's how to refer your client to treatment at a Sunspire Health facility.

The Referral Process

  1. Contact Sunspire Health — Speak with a Clinical Outreach Director to discuss your client's case and how to collaborate with Sunspire Health. If you have access and consent to tell us your client's insurance information, knowing this will ease the process of verifying their benefits to estimate cost of treatment.

    You can find a list of our Clinical Outreach Directors and their contact information here.
  2. Discuss Treatment Options with Your Client — If you haven’t already, you may want to discuss treatment options with your client. If your client is open to it, you could suggest Sunspire Health programs or facilities that you think could be a good fit for your client. We can also help direct you and your client to a treatment provider that may be best suited to their situation financially and clinically, even if it's not a Sunspire facility.
  3. Clinical Assessment — You can call our Access Center with your client or have your client call us to do a clinical assessment over the phone to determine what Sunspire facility will be best for them. We will also confirm insurance benefits on this call if you have given us the information previously.
  4. Choosing a Sunspire Facility — Once your client's insurance and clinical details are approved for admissions, we will make the final booking for the Sunspire facility that we have settled on for treatment. We will then coordinate with your client directly to get them safely to their facility.
  5. Decide Your Role in Your Client's Treatment — Before you client heads to treatment, you will both have to decide what your role will be in their recovery. If you want updates about their progress and notification of their discharge, your client will have to sign a release form upon arrival so that their Sunspire facility can be in touch with you about their treatment progress.
  6. Reach Out to the Facility — After your client is booked for treatment and checks in at their Sunspire facility, you can call your Sunspire Clinical Outreach Director to notify the facility how you will be involved.