Sunspire Health Spring Hill

An addiction treatment center tucked away on 70 acres of wooded land in Massachusetts

What is a day at Spring Hill like?

At Spring Hill you're surrounded by pristine woods, giving you the chance to reconnect with nature and with yourself. From morning to night you have therapy and activities that keep you focused on your journey to recovery.

Spring Hill Dining

After breakfast in the cozy dining room, you have a guided meditation or exercise session to prepare mentally for the day.

Spring Hill Environment

There are trees as far as the eye can see, and it has a calming effect on your nerves. The past feels far away here.

SpH community

We all regroup for a community meeting to set expectations for the day, and then we start process therapy groups.

SpH Meeting

We break for lunch and then have classes on addiction and health or group sessions on co-occurring disorders and relapse. Some days, we go to equine therapy.

SHRC Games

Before dinner, we have a chance to relax by hiking, playing a game or getting in some reading.


In the evening there's time for calls home before an outside recovery meeting or art therapy. We then wrap-up and are off to bed.

We learn from each other.

At Spring Hill you discover that other people understand where you're coming from and the struggles you face in your life. No one judges you—they support you and care about you getting better.

Samantha_Spring Hill_Alumni_2014

The treatment team at Spring Hill surrounded me with compassion and love. They showed me that I was not only capable of living a better life, but I deserved it. It has now been almost four years since Spring Hill drastically changed the course of my life.

-Samantha C., Spring Hill Alumni 2014
Spring Hill

Sunspire Health Spring Hill
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