Family Involvement at Spring Hill

Recovery together.

Family Involvement

Addiction is a family disease. At Spring Hill, we believe that including families and families of choice in our patients’ recovery process is integral to their lifelong success in staying sober. We offer family programming so you and your loved ones can heal together as a strong, cohesive unit that can lean on each other for support once your journey outside of treatment begins.

Spring Hill Family Therapy

Our patients will have a weekly family therapy session with a dedicated family therapist. If your family lives close by, they are welcomed and encouraged to visit and participate in these weekly sessions. For families who can't visit in person, these sessions will be completed over the phone.

Family Education Program

Once a month, we invite the families of current patients to participate in a Family Weekend educational program. Our family therapist will notify families about this weekend once patients arrive. On the first day, families will learn about the biology of addiction and listen to a presentation from our medical director and treatment team. We will also educate family members on their role in recovery and teach them about the importance of aftercare planning.

On day two of the weekend, patients will join their families to work on positive communication with their loved ones.

Family Contact & Visitation

In addition to the Family Weekend and weekly family therapy sessions, patients can call family members a few times a week, depending on their progress. If the family lives close enough, they are welcome to visit during our Sunday visitation hours. Both family contact and family visitation will be arranged at the discretion of our treatment professionals.

Want to understand how loved ones can help during treatment? Give us a call.