Finding Us - Spring Hill

If you need to get to our Spring Hill facility, here are directions to get you here by car, bus, train or plane.

Sunspire Health Spring Hill
250 Spring Hill Road
Ashby, MA 04131

By Car

Our facility is located in north-central Massachusetts, not far from the New Hampshire border. If you're a local resident, our facility is only and hour and 20 minutes from Boston, 50 minutes from Worcester and an hour and a half from Springfield, MA.

We're also easily accessible from nearby states. Manchester, NH is only an hour drive to our facility, while Nashua, NH is about 45 minutes away. Providence, RI is an hour and a half drive, while Hartford, CT is an hour and 45 minutes away.

By Bus

Traveling by Greyhound is very affordable option. While there are currently no bus stops in Ashby, Massachusetts, there are a few accessible stops close by. The closest stops are located 45 minutes north in Nashua, NH, or 45 minutes south in Worcester.

By Train

There are currently no Amtrak stations in Ashby, Massachusetts. However, if you find that traveling by train is the best option for you, the closest Amtrak station is located 45 minutes away in Worcester (Union Station, 2 Washington Square, Worcester, MA 01604).

By Plane

The closest airport to our facility is Boston Logan International Airport, which is only an hour and 20 minutes away. This is a large airport that accommodates several major airlines. Manchester Boston Regional Airport is a smaller airport less than an hour away, which also accommodates a few major airlines.

No matter which route you choose, Spring Hill's staff will help you get through the doors of our facility. Someone will be happy to pick you up and drop you off at a train station, airport or wherever else needed. Just be sure to coordinate your travel plans with us before your departure!

Not sure about getting to Spring Hill? We'll help you figure it out—give us a call.