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Sunspire Health Heartland featured on WAND-TV's Hooked: A Road to Recovery

A husband and father shares his story of recovery through in-patient care at Sunspire Health Heartland.

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GILMAN, Ill. (WAND) - Corbin Tannhauser is a carpenter, a husband and a father.

After a series of shoulder surgeries starting in 2011, he was addicted to painkillers. The addiction affected his relationship with his young daughter.

“There was times where I would black out, and I’d be sleeping, and she’d be at home,” Corbin said. “Everybody called me a great dad, a phenomenal dad, but I was still hooked to the medication.”

In 2017, Corbin had had enough, and checked himself into Sunspire Health-Heartland near Gilman. He remembers when his wife and daughter came to see him.

“The day they came for that first visit, that was the first time I truly met my daughter, because my whole life leading up to that moment was a blur,” Corbin said.

Care at Sunspire begins with medical detox, followed by days of individual counseling, group discussions and lectures about staying sober after rehab.

“It’s making a difference and getting a good relapse-prevention plan while they’re here, so they know what they’re going to do once they run into the triggers in the community,” said clinical director Mary Shaver.

Still, many users relapse after treatment.

“We don’t know whether it’s the first treatment, the third treatment, or the tenth treatment … when someone is going to realize ‘I have to make some changes based on what I’ve learned,’” said executive director Tom Delegatto.

Delegatto said it is important families of addicts find support and help for themselves as well.

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