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Sunspire Health Texas Introduces New Addiction Treatment Program for Executives and Professionals in High-Intensity Careers

Serving the complex needs of licensed and high-performing professionals.


LYNDHURST, N.J.--()--Sunspire Health, a nationwide network of addiction treatment facilities offering personalized treatment and addiction recovery services across the United States, today introduced its new Professionals Treatment Program at Sunspire Health Texas. This unique and important program provides discreet, evidence-based evaluation and treatment for executives and professionals experiencing addiction or impairment challenges that put their careers, reputation or licensing at risk.

“Addiction treatment, like any other disease, should include a multi-faceted and evidence-based approach to individualized care, meeting patients at their point of need with a program that is inclusive of their unique lifestyle and set of experiences”

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Professionals operating in high-intensity careers can often be at risk for substance (e.g., narcotics, alcohol) or power (e.g., sexual or physical boundaries) abuse or addiction. This might include healthcare professionals, elite athletes, high-visibility executives and other licensed professionals such as pilots, financial advisors or attorneys. Furthermore, due to their high-risk or safety-sensitive positions of power, addiction or impairment for these individuals can have serious and wide-reaching consequences that extend beyond the individual to impact, and in some cases endanger, employees, teammates, patients and clients, among other working relationships that involve a significant transfer of power.

“Addiction treatment, like any other disease, should include a multi-faceted and evidence-based approach to individualized care, meeting patients at their point of need with a program that is inclusive of their unique lifestyle and set of experiences,” said Dr. Jes Montgomery, Professionals Program Director at Sunspire Health Texas. “Working with highly-skilled medical and behavioral healthcare providers who have in-depth experience treating specialized professionals, this program gives patients the tools and resources necessary to maximize their chances of achieving long-term recovery within a demanding and high-intensity career setting.”

Beginning with a comprehensive, five-day residential evaluation, the Sunspire Health Professionals Program offers a range of specialized services, extending through programming, treatment and support groups tailored to meet the needs of specific professionals.

As a leader in providing a range of specialized services tailored to meet the needs of specific professionals, Sunspire Health Texas has deep expertise working with professional boards and unions to ensure each individual’s treatment meets the guidelines set by state and local professional health programs, while also ensuring cooperation with licensing and monitoring boards. Beginning with an in-depth clinical assessment upon arrival to continuing-care planning, this program gives patients a full spectrum of treatment they can trust.

About Sunspire Health

Sunspire Health is a nationwide network of accessible and affordable community-based addiction treatment facilities that offer personalized treatment plans for people of all walks of life, meeting them where they are and guiding them through recovery. Sunspire’s mission is to be a source of hope, knowledge, and support for people and their families affected by substance use disorders. Our vision is to change the course of the addiction crisis and set the standard for quality treatment in the United States. Our facilities offer an array of addiction recovery services across the United States and are able to provide the full spectrum of care including detox, residential and outpatient treatment programs in settings that are designed to promote healing. What distinguishes Sunspire Health facilities is that each one provides quality care for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders from experts and specialists in the field of addiction medicine and mental health counseling. Our treatment teams utilize the latest advances in addiction medicine and draw on therapeutic modalities that are evidence-based, meaning that extensive studies and research prove that these methods are effective at treating addiction. For additional information, please visit:

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