Sunspire Health Texas

An addiction treatment center tucked away on a sprawling estate north of Dallas

Addiction Treatment in Princeton, TX

Located on 46 acres just an hour outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, Sunspire Health Texas is a rural retreat to receive high-quality, evidence-based addiction treatment. With a combination of one-on-one counseling, behavioral therapies, and medication-assisted treatment, our treatment approach is tailored to the unique needs of every individual who walks through our doors. Our upscale, Southwestern-style center offers a relaxing atmosphere complete with walking paths, fishing pond, and comfortable outdoor patio, plus a full fitness center with on-site personal trainers. Our center also caters to a wide-range of professionals through our High-Performance Professionals Program. 

What is a day at Sunspire Health Texas like?

A ride through the Texas countryside brings you to the secluded Sunspire facility. Here, you can breathe deep and leave your past behind. From sun up to sun down, you are learning about yourself and growing as a person. Recovery at Texas is real.

Texas dining room

After an early start, you have breakfast in the sunny dining room and attend a mindfulness session to set your intentions for the day.


There is a serenity in being in the midst of this expansive property with plenty of space and time to reflect on life.

Texas Meeting

You will begin therapy with a process group, and throughout the day you go to specialized therapy sessions on grief, trauma, preventing relapse and unhealthy relationships.

Texas Walk

After lunch, you get a chance to re-center with meditation, yoga or a serenity walk, and then educational sessions about addiction, life in recovery, medication management and self-help support.

Texas Gym

Either in the morning or afternoon, you get a chance to go fishing in the pond, have a training session at the gym or perhaps go to equine therapy.

Texas by the pool

You get a break after dinner when you might be able to call home or sit by the fireplace at the outdoor patio. Then you attend a recovery meeting and wrap-up session before bed.

We learn from each other.

At Sunspire Health Texas, you can tell that the staff truly care about you and your well-being. We're all healing mind, body and spirit together, while discovering our own paths to recovery.


At Sunspire I was surrounded by a loving and caring staff who led by example and showed me that my recovery is an action and gave me the tools for my success. They showed me love and compassion even when I had none for myself.

Brian, Texas Alumni 2017

Sunspire Health Texas
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