Contacting a Patient at Sunspire Texas

We know you'll want to keep in touch with loved ones during treatment to check in and learn about their progress; it's normal to be excited about the positive changes your loved one is making.

Contacting a patient

Sunspire Health Texas strives to provide a safe environment for patients to heal and seek encouragement from their peers in treatment. Because of this mission, we have a five-day pause on outside contact for patients just beginning their recovery journey.

We want patients to begin forming connections with the rest of our community before they contact their loved ones, but after this initial pause in communication, a family counselor will plan for the patient to call on the sixth day of treatment.

We know that you're very excited to hear about the strides your loved one is making in their treatment, but we ask that the five-day communication pause is respected. After this five-day period, there will be many opportunities for you to be in touch!

Release Form

When your loved one arrives at our facility, they will be asked to sign a release form so your family can stay in the loop with their treatment. If the patient does not complete this form, you will be unable to be updated on their progress until they are discharged from the facility.

Please discuss this release form with your loved one before they leave for treatment so everyone can be on the same page with their expectations for communication during the loved one's course of care.

Phone Calls

Patients are allowed to make calls between 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, twice per week. Your loved one will be assigned a certain group which will determine the days when they are able to make calls. All phone conversations are monitored by our community.


All Sunspire Health Texas patients have the right to send and receive mail during treatment after their initial five-day communication break.

Please send letters through the United States Postal Service to:

(Patient's Name)
Sunspire Health Texas
P.O. Box 1130
3800 County Rd 444
Princeton, TX 75407

For all package deliveries, please ship to:

(Patient's Name)
3800 County Rd 444
Princeton, TX 75407

Be aware that all packages will be opened with a staff member. This is to ensure that deliveries are free of contraband and anything else that may jeopardize the safety or recovery of our patients.


The patient and their treatment team will work together to create a computer usage plan. If email communication is determined to be necessary for their healing, you will be able to email with the patient. Social network use is prohibited at Sunspire Health Texas, and all computer use is monitored by our staff.

If you have any other questions about how you can communicate with a patient, please feel welcome to reach out.