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Family Programs

We believe families play an important role in our clients' long-term recovery. Our Family Program is key in helping the whole family heal and supports the loved one during and after treatment.

This program helps educate families about substance use disorders and the underlying issues that their loved one is addressing. It also helps family members work on issues that affect them and their relationship with their family member. The program teaches people how to support and cope with an addicted family member, how to better communicate and establish boundaries, and how to connect with community support systems to find other options for self-care.

We respect our client's "family of choice". This means we believe clients should be able to choose who they consider family and who should be involved in their treatment.

Currently, we offer an array of family services. These services include:

  • Family assessment
  • Family therapy sessions in person, over the phone or via teleconference
  • Education about the complex disease of addiction
  • Weekly family education and support groups
  • Monthly family weekend-a 2-4 day workshop focused on education, support and skill-building
CRAFT Method

We understand that many people who abuse substances refuse treatment, though family members and concerned significant others are highly motivated to get their loved one the help they need. When a person is resistant to seek help for their addiction, Sunspire Health offers Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training (CRAFT). During a CRAFT therapy session, the person suffering with addiction is usually not present. Instead, this therapy focuses on educating family members about the nature of addiction and equipping them with communication techniques that discourage their loved ones from using and encourage them to seek help. Our goals for using the CRAFT method include:

  1. Help families motivate their loved one to seek treatment
  2. Reduce the loved one's substance use or addictive behavior
  3. Improve the lives of concerned family and friends and the loved one suffering with addiction

CRAFT was developed by an understanding that although individuals who truly need help with substance use problems often are strongly opposed to treatment. On the other hand, the Concerned Significant Others (CSOs) of the substance abuser are commonly highly motivated to get help for them.

To accomplish these goals, the CRAFT method:

  • Encourages a non-confrontational approach for interacting with loved ones
  • Teaches positive reinforcement strategies to support non-use behavior
  • Helps families understand "triggers"-people, places, or situations that increase a person's desire to use a substance
  • Prepares family members on how to respond should a loved one become interested in treatment

CRAFT therapy is valuable for family members even if their loved one does not enter treatment or has already begun the treatment process. CRAFT is not a solution or replacement for treatment, but it can help families navigate the recovery process. In addition, family members will come out of CRAFT therapy armed with a real plan of action and an optimistic view in order to heal themselves and help their loved one to improve overall quality of life. For more information about a Family Program at Sunspire Health facility, please email FamilyProgram@sunspirehealth.com.