Only at Hyde Park

Women’s-only care for safe, comfortable healing.

Only at Hyde Park

Women Have Different Needs in Treatment

Hyde Park is only open to women seeking addiction treatment. Addiction often affects women differently than men: women may develop tolerance for and dependence on substances at a much faster rate than men, and the health of women with substance use disorders is impacted at a faster rate than men. Women also become addicted to substances or behaviors for different reasons than men and face specific challenges when it comes to seeking treatment.

All of our facility's methods of treatment are focused on the unique issues that women face in their addictions and through their recovery processes. The needs of the women in our care are addressed through one-on-one counseling, and the unique issues that they face in recovery are discussed through group therapy sessions.

Safety in Gender-Specific Care for Women

Gender-specific care promotes a safe, judgment-free environment for our patients who may have a difficult time opening up and bonding with their peers in a mixed-gender facility. Our programming helps women eliminate distractions and form strong, intimate bonds with their peers, which can help to ensure successful treatment. Being able to focus on women specifically further supports Hyde Park’s mission of providing individualized treatment for our patients.

Trauma-Informed Care

The clinical staff at Hyde Park specializes in treating trauma. Our staff takes a trauma-informed approach to care, placing the highest priority on treating patients with compassion and empathy as they tackle these deeply rooted issues through their course of care.

Connect to Female Empowerment Groups in the Community

This facility helps women empower other women as they heal and also participates in local women’s interest activities, such as the annual Breast Cancer Walk in Tampa, to further strengthen the power of female relationships and integrate our patients into the community.